So You’re Counting Calories

Awesome! This might be the most important thing you've ever done... like really. If there is one thing that drives long term body change-- better than anything I've ever seen-- it's someone who counts and tracks their calories (accurately). So what now? I guess I would make sure you know what a calorie is first. … Continue reading So You’re Counting Calories


Managing Your Macros 1: Cereal and Brownies

New podcast, y'all: Here's a quick write-up for those who prefer to┬ádigest their information visually. What are macros? Counting calories is good, but controlling the overall intake alone doesn't yield the desired results for most┬ápeople. "I'm under 1500 calories, but I'm not looking lean and mean. Why?" - Ben Franklin Macros (and micros) are the … Continue reading Managing Your Macros 1: Cereal and Brownies