Managing Your Macros: Pizza

After all that Intermittent Fasting talk, let's go back to the basics: analysis on a single food item. This week, let's tackle everybody's fave: pizza. Ninja turtles love it. New York City rats love it. So even if it's not your most fave, there's no denying it's one of your faves. And with this whole macros … Continue reading Managing Your Macros: Pizza

Don’t Junk Just Cuz

I'm four weeks into the cut now, and it's time to talk about cravings-- the bane of anyone's diet. When you're hungry, you can get a little food crazy. If you've ever been on a calorie deficit, I'm sure you can appreciate this video: Right now my carb range is at 150g, which is still enough … Continue reading Don’t Junk Just Cuz