Building a Lambo

Jeremy has changed his entire life over the past three years, both physically and mentally. He's a stronger person. He leads by example. And-- he just completed his 500th workout with AOA Fitness! I hope you can gain something from this story of Jeremy's consistent effort. I've been blessed to know and work with Jeremy … Continue reading Building a Lambo

The Mini Cut- Workout One

Hey fit fam, it's time for another cut! "But Chase, didn't you just wrap up a show?" For show, for show. But before we get the winter bulk under way, both me and Jon wanted to piece together a less intense cutting protocol that everyone could try. Let's go! Workouts Here is the full plan … Continue reading The Mini Cut- Workout One

Constructive Conversation: Drop It

Chase Erwin: I think we might need to add something to that whole "consistency" talk from before. Jon Dao: Uh, the one we did a year ago? CE: That's right, brother man! No better time than New Year's, right? JD: I'm down, but what else would you want to¬†add? Unless... you want to go … Continue reading Constructive Conversation: Drop It