Building a Lambo

Jeremy has changed his entire life over the past three years, both physically and mentally. He's a stronger person. He leads by example. And-- he just completed his 500th workout with AOA Fitness! I hope you can gain something from this story of Jeremy's consistent effort. I've been blessed to know and work with Jeremy … Continue reading Building a Lambo

The Mini Cut- Workout One

Hey fit fam, it's time for another cut! "But Chase, didn't you just wrap up a show?" For show, for show. But before we get the winter bulk under way, both me and Jon wanted to piece together a less intense cutting protocol that everyone could try. Let's go! Workouts Here is the full plan … Continue reading The Mini Cut- Workout One

Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)

In this conversation, we tackle the problem of the popular fitness mantra "loving yourself". Chase Erwin: All right, brother! Time to bust up another myth. Jon Dao: Before we get into that, I got three words for you: OH GAH, CONGRATS! CE: The fam grows again! JD: And speaking of growth, I think this week's … Continue reading Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)

Throwback: JasmineC

Back when we were The Jack-N-Out Connection, not only would we interview the rising stars of the fitness industry, we'd also speak with the superstars of the the fitness community! And one of the best fitness support groups online include the people in Fitocracy. Here's Jasmine bringing more awareness to arthritis: