Managing Your Macros 4: Intermittent Fasting, Hearty Breakfast

Whoops: a typical can of Coke is 12oz not 32oz. I was thinking of those uber beer cans. Remember how to drink more water: increase your water intake is to put down more earlier in the day. The best resource for comprehensive Intermittent Fasting information is through Andy Morgan and his website RippedBody. But for a very simple and streamlined … Continue reading Managing Your Macros 4: Intermittent Fasting, Hearty Breakfast

Don’t Junk Just Cuz

I'm four weeks into the cut now, and it's time to talk about cravings-- the bane of anyone's diet. When you're hungry, you can get a little food crazy. If you've ever been on a calorie deficit, I'm sure you can appreciate this video: Right now my carb range is at 150g, which is still enough … Continue reading Don’t Junk Just Cuz

Throwback: JasmineC

Back when we were The Jack-N-Out Connection, not only would we interview the rising stars of the fitness industry, we'd also speak with the superstars of the the fitness community! And one of the best fitness support groups online include the people in Fitocracy. Here's Jasmine bringing more awareness to arthritis: