Stop Looking

Week One: Purpose Week Two: Self-Perception Week Three: Breathing Week Four: Cravings This week, let's talk about "The Search" because this is a focal point that stops a lot of people dead in their tracks. When you're trying to get on your fitness path, the two most common obstacles (I hear) are 1) lack of … Continue reading Stop Looking

The Problem with Putting Fun First

Chase: [Tracking calories] can be a hard thing for some people to do because it can be time consuming. I think you've even made mention of it before, like, it's definitely not your favorite thing to do. I think it's a necessary "evil". Jon: Any kind of numbers thing-- let's take finances-- even if that's … Continue reading The Problem with Putting Fun First

4 Dark Truths that Break Your Fitness Habit

Getting into the groove of your new fitness lifestyle can be a real challenging task. For a lot of people, there's nothing more difficult than that first two week period. After all, it takesĀ at least two weeks of regular, consistent practice in order to build a habit. But for some folks, no matter how hard … Continue reading 4 Dark Truths that Break Your Fitness Habit