Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)

In this conversation, we tackle the problem of the popular¬†fitness mantra "loving yourself". Chase Erwin: All right, brother! Time to bust up another myth. Jon Dao: Before we get into that, I got three words for you: OH GAH, CONGRATS! CE: The fam grows again! JD: And speaking of growth, I think this week's … Continue reading Constructive Conversation: Love Yourself (Right)

It’s Not What it Looks Like!

Another week, another fight cut update! Last time I explained my fighting spirit--the purpose and reasoning behind why I'm doing this 8 week weight loss journey. In this post, I want to share¬†how week one went. Let's start with nutrition. I can't stress it enough: you have to keep track of what you put into … Continue reading It’s Not What it Looks Like!