Calorie Conversation

Let's have a conversation about calories. Why should you care and how to track them.


The Mini Cut- Workout One

Hey fit fam, it's time for another cut! "But Chase, didn't you just wrap up a show?" For show, for show. But before we get the winter bulk under way, both me and Jon wanted to piece together a less intense cutting protocol that everyone could try. Let's go! Workouts Here is the full plan … Continue reading The Mini Cut- Workout One

The Problem with Putting Fun First

Chase: [Tracking calories] can be a hard thing for some people to do because it can be time consuming. I think you've even made mention of it before, like, it's definitely not your favorite thing to do. I think it's a necessary "evil". Jon: Any kind of numbers thing-- let's take finances-- even if that's … Continue reading The Problem with Putting Fun First