I worked with Chase long distance and with significant medical restrictions. Chase designed programs that would work for me, and checked in and encouraged so consistently. He is kind, sensitive and professional, and has so much wisdom to share beyond just programming!

Alyssa L.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my progress over the last two years.  As an added bonus, Chase and I have become friends.  I can’t express how great it feels to discuss fitness and nutrition with a buddy who truly “gets it.”


I went into my first workout nervous, but right off the bat, I knew I was in the right hands. Chase’s approach to weight lifting was in NO way intimidating. He was understanding of my little-to-no experiencing lifting and walked me through it step by step. We always worked up to weight I could handle, and he was always careful that there were no risk of injuries or extreme soreness.

Andrew McMurry

I come from an athletic background having played sports most of my life and working at a gym. I had let myself go and didn’t really know where to start as far as getting back into shape. Chase provided the guidance I needed in setting realistic goals while kicking my ass when I needed it.

Aaron Hall

Jon is able to customize the training to your own purpose. He adjusts according to your physical condition and targets specifically each day. I could feel the effectiveness of the workouts, and I could see the progress. Highly recommend.



Jon gave me a variety of training programs each week. They focused on the areas I cared about and that helped me really enjoy the training!


Jon taught me how I could include calisthenics in my daily life at work to get the most out my day. We’d swap workouts and nutrition ideas/meals each week. Jon Dao truly is a motivating person, positive beyond belief and wants YOU to exceed your goals.



Even though we live in different countries now, he’s still my go-to guy for everything fitness. Jon was always really great because when I felt like giving up, he would help me get through days I wanted to cave in.




I was blessed to find Chase. He’s taught me how to balance my diet, lose weight, and most importantly feel better.


By the end of my 12-week transformation, I had lost a little over 17 inches total, had 21% body fat, and weighed in at 156lbs. If it weren’t for Chase being my motivation in pushing me constantly those long 12 weeks, there is no telling where I would be today.